Hypnosis & Self-Efficacy – A Conversation with Adam Eason and James Tripp

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Tuesday June 10 2014


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A couple of weekends back I was at the Change | Phenomena conference in London Docklands, and was fortunate enough to catch Adam Eason’s presentation on Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy. Now, I always enjoy listening to Adam speak, but this one was a real treat for me. Not only was Adam sharing a ton of interesting research on hypnosis and how it seems to work, but he also directly addressed a topic I have been thinking about a lot in relation to hypnosis and hypnotherapy to my heart – self-efficacy.

Have you ever wondered how Hypnosis fits with self-efficacy?

I have!

After all, in classic models of hypnosis the ‘Hypnotist’ or ‘Hypnotism’ is what is framed as having the power to change, not the client.

Even in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (and NLP to an extent) it is ‘trance’ that is magical, and change is undertaken by a mysterious entity called the ‘The Unconscious Mind’… NOT the client, but the clients ‘unconscious mind’! (or ‘subconscious’ as some prefer.)

As a coach with a focus on ownership, adaptedness and increasing self-efficacy, some of these framings around hypnosis have bothered me… but there is clearly a lot of good to be had from ‘hypnosis’ too. So, the challenge becomes how to use it in such a manner as to clearly develop self efficacy and not to subtly undermine it by placing the power in something other than the client as a ‘total organism’.

Anyhow’s I talk a little about this on the video below, but more importantly…

I would like to invite you to join Adam and me for a live ‘hypnosis conversation’ on this very topic.

Details on how to connect with this conversation are right below the video!



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James Tripp

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  • Mark Scott

    June 11, 2014

    I Really need to listen to this again, thanks guys. Adam you are a pretty funny guy, love the ballroom dancing fake tan quipp and there were a few other times I nearly rolled over laughing.
    Interesting perspectives and I might add,the very things that I find fascinating and that I look for, are how our own minds and processes are creating our experiences and the implications then for tinkering. well done, I am loving the ‘self efficacy’ concept. I think I got a glimpse or idea that it is me that is in the driving seat and it has taken many years, and more to come I imagine, to figure this out and explore the implications of that and what and how and why etc. I am learning that taking time to practice what I learn is crucial, The key to unlock this whole ‘thing’.

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