What Spiral Somatics Means to Me!

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I’ve had some questions come in abut Spiral Somatics, and whilst I am going to get James Tsakalos’ answers, they have prompted me to make my own video sharing a little of what Spiral Somatics is to me.

If you do have any questions about Spiral Somatics please do ask them in the comment section below so I can put them to James when I interview him!

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James Tripp

Hypnotist and Transformative Facilitator. Creator of Hypnosis Without Trance.


  • Matthew McKenzie

    April 9, 2017

    Not sure how much information it seems would be worth while asking about as it seems to be highly based in embodied work, but being as I’m in the US at the moment it might be the only interaction with these ideas I’ll be getting for a while.

    Those limitations in mind, I’m curious about more detailed information about the 6 reality tunnels/points of experience/flavors of being that are covered in the course if James wouldn’t mind giving a broad sketch – or any amount of in depth description willing to be divulged – of each of them. I understand if that’s proprietary or not something he’d like to share but given my present lack of access in person I’m really just curious as to any new information on the 6 embodiements/colors, and their varying ‘looks’/key features through different physiological expressions.

    • James Tripp

      May 6, 2017

      Hi Matthew

      The ‘reality tunnels’ are the same as the Vmemes of Chris Cowen and Don Beck’s ‘Spiral Dynamics’ (developed from the work of Developmental Psychologist Clare W Graves). That said, Spural Somatics is very different from Spiral Dynamics in that it is about personal flexibility and embodiment of the vmemes rather than academic study of them.

      It also departs from the notion that they in individuals necessarily develop in the order that Graves, Cowen and Beck. The likelyhood is (IMO) all the vmemes are built from archetypal components and can thus be developed in everyone with the right kind of work (which is where Spiral Somatics comes in).

      Hope that helps!


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