What Hypnosis Knows About Transcending Fear!

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Against the backdrop of this weeks ‘official bootleg’ release of Beyond the Subtle Fears, I received an interesting question (via Youtube) concerning street hypnosis and fear from Michelange:

“I have a question for you James. How did learning social/cognitive based street hypnosis help you in your own personal process of going beyond these kind of fears (social fears). I don’t mean the experience of street performance, I mean the insights of hypnosis without trance. Thanks again!”

This video (below) is answers that question – what hypnosis knows about transcending fear!


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“Thank you for Beyond the Subtle Fears, James. The programme helped me to really see some of my own “trances” for what they were and ultimately let go of the ones that were holding me back.”

If my clients possessed only a fraction of this wisdom and insight, they probably wouldn’t need to be my clients!”

David Pannell, Changeworker, Brighton UK

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