How Can I Make Someone Hallucinate with Hypnosis?

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People often ask “how can I make someone [insert outcome of choice] with hypnosis?” In my view, these kinds of questions are based on popular misunderstandings of hypnotism and hypnosis (not helped by the likes of Hypnotist Paul McKenna with his “I Can Make You…” series of books).

This video [below] is sparked by Chaos Wave subscriber Hipno Sin asking a more switched on question…

“How can we ‘unlock the door of visual perception’ for a person. How can we help someone that easily responds to hypnotic inductions, accepts a lot of different hypnotic suggestions, engages deeply with processes… but does not hallucinate, “see” anything or accept visual suggestions, even when this person is wanting it?”

Visual hallucination is often considered the ‘holy grail’ of hypnotic phenomena – in this video we look interactive approaches to hypnosis (after David Grove and his Clean Language approach) as a means of increasing our chances of getting it.


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