Hypno Trick…The Incredible Shrinking Arm!

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Everyone has a moment that starts their hypnosis journey… mine was seeing Derren Brown on the Jonathan Ross show back in 2002 and thinking “whatever that guy is doing, I’m going to learn it” So I started on a path of performing mentalism and ultimately (alnongside Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching) and street hypnosis.

This piece is something I might bring into an impromptu setting to demonstrate the ‘power of suggestion’. Initially, it might be tempting to dismiss it as ‘pseudo-hypnosis’, but it does actually rely on unconscious ideomotor response to suggestion (a classic hypnotic phenomenon) – as the mind moves, so does the body!

Whilst it is presented here as hypnotic ‘party trick’, it could just as easily be used in a formal hypnosis session as a illustrator of the physiological effects of thought prior to formal hypnosis induction.

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