5 Key Qualities of Successful Hypno-Creators!

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Live Webinar (Free to Attend) –  Sunday 4th March 2018 at 6 pm (UK Time)


Following on from the video that I put out last Friday (How Hypnosis Bought me 10 Years of Freedom) I got a LOT of interest regarding the possibility of a hypno-creators group. Easily enough for me to want to move to phase 2! So…

On Sunday 4th of March at 6pm I am running a live webinar on 5 Key Qualities of Successful Hypno-Creators – in this webinar I will be sharing some key ideas that will be useful to you if you wish to create a rewarding and fulfilling life for yourself from your hypnosis (or NLP or pragmatic psychology) skills, knowledge and ideas. Beyond that I will also be giving details about the hypno-creators group for those who are interested.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a webinar about becoming a local hypnotherapist or setting up a local hypnotherapy or coaching practice – it is about becoming and international authority and leveraged practitioner (by this I mean creating multiple income streams from your expertise). It is for those looking to rise up rather than lay low… and reap the benefits of doing so!

All details for getting in on this event are right here on this page (below).

NOTE: For information on The ‘Power of Eight’ Hypno-Creators Group… GO HERE!

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