Hypnosis Bought me 10 Years of Freedom… What About You?

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10 years ago this month I walked out of my last ‘real’ job (i.e. working for someone else like I had been schooled to do) and into creating my life fully as a hypnosis and NLP trainer, changewrorker, coach, blogger, speaker etc. When I left that stable but soul crushing source of income I had a fresh new baby daughter to provide for along with her 2 year old sister, and a whole chorus of people telling me it was a reckless move (and maybe it was! 😮 ).

Well, the last 10 years have been an adventure – I (which is really ‘we’, as my family are my co-creators) have created several streams of income, a personally inspiring training and creative space, space, time and opportunity to develop ourselves (movement and mental arts), a 9 month family ‘world-tour’ and most recently moving into our own apartment and new creative-space in the West End of Edinburgh as our new base for world travel and more.

Now, this doesn’t mean that it has all been a smooth ride – only that it has been (and continues to be) very rewarding.

Maybe I got lucky (I think luck is always part o the mix, but I also think that luck is something we can at least co-create) or maybe I tapped my inner ‘creative genius’ (as my old mentor Steve Chandler would say), but whatever it is, I’ve certainly learned a few things on the way!

This video is in part a persona celebration but also a call out to those who would like to leave the employ of others and enter the world as a creator and thought leader in the realms of hypnosis, NLP, pragmatic psychology etc.

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