Personal Influence… Deep Dynamics! (Live Webinar with James Tripp & James Tsakalos)

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*** LIVE WEBINAR – Thursday 5th April at 9:30pm (UK Time) ***


So, this is super short notice… but going to be truly fantastic! (so worth doing) 🙂

On Thursday 5th April at 9:30pm (UK Time) I will be in conversation with Australia’s (and, possibly, the World’s) most rigourous NLP trainer, James Tsakalos.

(If you don’t know James, know that I have flown to Melbourne a number of times specifically to train with him, because he is so good at what he does.)

In this webinar we will be discussing Personal Influence – Deep Dynamics. We will be exploring the intersections between different approaches to influence (strategic, hypnotic, status based, ‘beingness’ based, deep drivers etc.) and also delving into some of James’ personal specialisms.

If you have any questions about personal influence that you would like us to address during the webinar, please do submit them via the questions box below!

NOTE: If you want to train with James in Edinburgh this summer, act now and get yourself a massive discount!

“Being on the Spiral Somatics course… was the best thing I learned in a long time! Such an enriching experience! Such a powerful tool to have. Such a powerful way to be…”

Have great fun doing it in wonderful Edinburgh!”

Elad Einav – Participant in 2017

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