INTEGRATIVE HYPNOTIST Demonstrates ‘Backward Spin’! | Melissa Tiers | Hypnosis & NLP

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As you may be aware, Integrative Hypnotist Melissa Tiers is coming to the UK this summer to teach her Coaching the Unconscious Mind Seminar.

To mark the official launch week for this training (and do be aware that you can get a 25% launch week discount right now) I am sharing some video goodness from Melissa!

In this video we are seeing a classic from the Richard Bandler side of NLP, but stripped down to essentials and then re-layered with multiple nuances of conversational hypnosis, anchoring, strategic use of humour and more.

Classically this format is known as ‘Spinning Feelings‘ but Melissa always calls it the ‘Backward Spin’ or ‘Reverse Spin’.

There is so much richness in this clip that it definitely worth taking the time to study and unpack! (I’ve watched it many times over due to editing it, and every time I do I see a new nuance!)

TRAIN WITH MELISSA: If you are in the UK or Europe and would like to get trained by Melissa, she is running her impactful Coaching the Unconscious Mind Seminar in Edinburgh this summer and this week there is a massive 25% launch week discount running!

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