The Reality of Mind Reading (Blog Post and Webinar)

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*** LIVE WEBINAR – Wednesday 16th May at 12 Noon (UK Time) ***

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Back in 2002 I saw something on late night television that was to completely change the direction of my life: a guest on the Jonathan Ross Show ostensibly reading minds (both of the host, Jonathan Ross, and members of the house band) with unnerving accuracy.

That guest was the UK mentalist Derren Brown and in that moment a switch flicked in my brain and I made the deep, internal commitment to learn to do whatever it was Derren was doing.

To say this was a life changing moment for me is no overstatement – it lead to a deep exploration of NLP, hypnosis, applied psychology, close-up magic and the principles an performance of mentalism that lead to the development of skills and understandings that I use daily to create wealth and wellbeing for both myself and my family.

Of course, whilst (like many) I was initially taken in by Derren and his pseudo-explanations, I quickly learned that in mentalism what you see in NOT what you get (it is an art based in trickery and deception to manipulate perceptions and beliefs).

So the demonstrated ‘mind reading’ I had so desperately wanted to learn turned out to be an illusion rather than a reality (I am in no way resentful at being deceived because it began a journey that has taken me to some phenomenal places and truly and positively changed my life).

What I did come to discover, however was that subtler forms of ‘mind reading’ were actually quite real. Perhaps less glamorous and showy than the demonstrations by Brown but real nonetheless and also highly practical and applicable to living a richer life.

In this webinar, I will be joined by James Tsakalos (something of an expert on at least a couple (to my knowledge) of forms of ‘real mind reading’ and we will be unpacking the reality from the fantasy.

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All the very best

James Tripp

PLEASE NOTE: whilst this webinar is sponsored by James’ 2018 Spiral Somatics UK Embodied Influencer Intensive, the webinar itself is not about Spiral Somatics specifically, but about what’s possible with ‘real mind reading’ in general!


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