NLP – Aspects of Mastery: Live Webinar + Q&A

On Sunday 14 July 2019 at 11am London Time (please Google translation to your timezone if you need to) I will be live in conversation with legendary Antipodean NLP trainer James Tsakalos.

James’ passion is true craft in NLP, and his trainings and training methods are some of the most rigourous in the world, with his NLP Practitioner graduates being (in my view) of a higher calibre in terms of NLP skills than most certificated trainers.

In this webinar we’ll be discussing what it takes to take NLP beyond clunky processes and strategies into the realms of truly embodied skill and understanding.

To get on the webinar, just click the zoom link – – at the right time and place!


NOTE: If you would like to pre-submit any questions you’d like answered, please leave them in the comments section below!

Look forward to seeing you on the call!

All the very best,


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James Tripp

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    July 14, 2019

    So sad, I’ll cry all day. It was 345 am local time. I began to cast about for a YouTube hook up to the webinar. Not finding success, nor even a reference on your channel (it seemed to disappear), I also sigbed in on your web page. Again no success.

    I thought perhaps the online time converters had it wrong so I stayed up the rest of the waning hour. Wash, rince, repeat. Still sad eyes. So much empty!

    • James Tripp

      July 15, 2019

      Hi Eric

      Sorry to hear that!

      The webinar was not a YouTube webinar but a Zoom webinar. To get on the webinar you needed to click the “>>>>> GET ON THE WEBINAR <<<<<" link in the post. I will put the recording up to YouTube though later today. Best, James

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